Mockup, Wireframe, UI/UX Prototyping Tool

Some useful tools for Business Analyst (BA), particularly those who work for Web & IOS/Android App projects.

1. Balsamiq: (Price: A Single User License – $89)

One of the most common tools that supports BAs to sketch mockups with built-in templates and controls. However, some might not know their mockupstogo page.

  • Google Material Design
  • iOS It’s a shame that only iOS7 Controls are available 😐
  • You can also find ones for SalesForce, Sharepoint, etc here

2. Framer Studio: (Price: $129/ years)

Framer is a tool that facilitates the process of making prototypes, particularly for iOS/ Android apps. It’s expensive though… 😀 Good news is you can also do that with Framer.js providing that you are willing to spend time on learning their coding convention & how it works.

3. pttrns: What a memorized abbreviation! 😐

Those mobile design patterns will be useful for Business Analyst who previously worked on Web/ Desktop Software projects and now they want to move on to iOS/ Android Development. It gives you the hint whether you mockup is doable for developers. You’ll never know how aggressive they are until you show them a prototype which looks gorgeous, but actually unrealistic lol

4. Others: Maybe it helps… I don’t know 😀 It works like a charm for me. Android developers “embrace” such sites for sure! You should ask them for more lol

Just realize my lack of knowledge about iOS patterns. Any favorites site of yours that you want to share? It would be truly appreciated! Thanks in advance, folks 😀

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