I’m Binh. Or you can call me Noah /’noʊə/ if you are capable of pronouncing the diphthong flawlessly 😐 Just kidding… I often tell jokes, so you should get used to that 😀

In short, I’m a nice guy who has an esoteric sense of humor. At times, a little part of me dies because people don’t understand the philosophy behind my jokes. Actually, I lie… I don’t give a sh*t about that =))

My favorite recreations are listening to music and savoring beverages. It’d be better off if I can do both simultaneously 😀 Apart from that, I love reading short articles in terms of language, psychology and technology.

In recent years, I traveled a lot. Surprisingly, I’m not consumed by wanderlust. I prefer spending time alone rather than socializing to some extent. At the end of the day, I’m still an ambivert.

Currently, I’ve worked as a Product Manager. On weekends I spend time to mentor a group of around 20 mentees from Chung Tay Donation, a nonprofit organization. I hope that I can help more and more underprivileged students. My motto is “Education is a right, not a privilege!”

Last but not least, I wish you guys all the best with your own journeys. Hope you find my upcoming articles interesting and useful. See you very soon! 😉